Cannonball Unofficial Run 2020

6th September - 11th September 2020

The best driving experience in Europe

  • Free event
  • Pre start start meet and greet on Sunday 5th September
  • Stunning scenery and locations along the route
  • Unbeatable camaraderie between fellow Cannonballers

We’re all as disappointed as you guys that we have had to cancel this years official event, but the good news is we have decided that we are still going to go away that week and following the route that was planned but not as an official event.

This means that we will meet up on the Morning of the 6th Sept and head off for what will still be an adrenaline fuelled week but without the usual Cannonball luxuries. The idea being that I will let you know where the start is and the planned nightly stop overs, All you have to do is simply find a hotel that suits your own budget, bring a tent if you like. This means we can all still meet up on an evening for something to eat or you can do your own thing. You will be responsible for your own tunnel crossings but our intention is to all book on at the same time.


All you’ve got to do is give me a call to find out more about the route, stop off’s and other essential info, Look forward to hearing from you,

Simon Fearnley 07711 382 578

The route this year remains in excess of 2000 miles. We have tested the route already – all we can say is you are in for a treat. The only other thing we can say about the route is be prepared to take in some breath-taking scenery and who knows maybe have the odd snowball fight.

You only have to look at some of our past events to get a flavour of the routes we have taken to realise it was planned by a driving enthusiast.

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